Bar Information

Bar Information

Unlike most venues in Colorado Springs, Doolittle Hall has the perfect area for your bar and cocktail reception! Our large built in mahogany bar with granite counter tops is a gorgeous addition to our Library Lounge space.

Alcohol is permitted on site for all events and must be arranged through the Falcon Club located here on the Air Force Academy as they hold our liquor license. You may contact their catering department with any bar related questions at 719-333-8189

Bar Service

All Bar Service must be provided by a USAFA licensed retail operator on the Air Force Academy. Some exceptions may be available for hosted bars and non-profit one day licenses, but in all cases they must be cleared through the 10th Air Base Wing, which governs all phases of service on base.

You are responsible for making contact and following through on all phases of whatever form of bar service you decide on once your event is contracted at Doolittle Hall. The appropriate contact information will be provided once there is a signed contract in place. We will want to know your choices so we can determine where to place the bar if the portable one is being used, by itself or in addition to our bar in the Library.

There is a $150.00 offsite set up fee for all bar service provided at Doolittle Hall. Bartenders are available at an hourly rate of $25.00/hour. However, if your bar tab reaches $400.00 for your event, all bartender fees are waived.

Beverage Options
(Average per drink cost range)

  • Domestic and/or Import Beers - $3.50 - $5.00/bottle
  • Wine - $4.00 - $6.00/glass
  • Liquor - $5.00 - $7.00/drink (dependent on call, premium or top shelf liquor selection)
  • Champagne - $18.00/bottle

Specialty wines, champagnes and liquors may be brought in by the client ONLY IF the retail operator cannot source it. A corkage fee will be assessed and must be approved by management.

The AOG reserves the right to “cut off” any individual or group of individuals that appear to have had one too many, especially if the Bartender has alerted us to the probability of a problem arising from anyone in particular. The bartender reserves this right as well, and is in fact one of their responsibilities. The safety and well-being of your guests is our prime motivator. We would hate to have anything happen to anyone under our watch.