Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park when visiting Doolittle Hall?

Visitors to Doolittle Hall can find parking directly in front of our facility in our parking lot at no charge.

Can the general public rent the facility or does there have to be some affiliation with the Air Force Academy, military or the alumni association?

The general public is welcome to have events at Doolittle Hall although special rate consideration is given to Association of Graduates members.

Do you do wedding receptions?

Yes, Doolittle Hall is the perfect setting for wedding receptions. Please call our Special Functions team at 719-472-0300 for details.

If we rent the facility, will there be somebody at the site during the event?

Absolutely! An on-site event chaperone will be present during the entire event to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that your guests have a wonderful time.

How late can events go in the building?

Event timing is extremely flexible and open for discussion. However, we prefer and suggest all events end by 12:00 midnight.

Do you offer catering or do I need to use an exclusive caterer?

Doolittle Hall does not have catering services on site. We have a variety of caterers on our Exclusive List for you to choose from.

Can we put a hold on the space?

If you are nearly certain about renting one of our spaces, we will allow you to put a 14-day hold on the space. After the 14 days are up, however, we will need to either go to a formal, written agreement with a 25% deposit or release the date.

Who will set out the tables and chairs?

Doolittle Hall has a staff that will set the room prior to your event. We will coordinate the set-up with you prior to the date, come up with a floor plan and set the room to your specifications. Please contact the special functions team for further details.

Can we use candles for our event?

The only candles that may be used in our facility are "closed flame" candles. These include those in hurricane lamps and votive candles enclosed in glass. All decorations and rental items must be approved by the special functions team. Please see the policies and procedures for specific restrictions on other decorations.

Is there smoking in the building?

There is absolutely no smoking inside the building. Guests must go outside for all smoking and follow any posted signs.

How do my guests get on base?

Doolittle Hall on the United States Air Force Academy is accessible to any and all visitors daily via the North Gate from 8:00am – 6:00pm. Guests will only need to provide a driver’s license for identity verification. Should you be having an event after hours or on a weekend, we will assist you with an Entry Access List (EAL). An EAL document consists of the names (first and last), date of birth and driver’s license number and state of issue for everyone attending your event over the age of 18. Individuals that hold a military ID or a DOD ID are always permitted access and do not have to be included on an EAL. We STRONGLY suggest all events have their guests complete an EAL due to the unreliability of changing threat levels.

Will Doolittle Hall provide the linens for the tables?

We do not have linen available for events so you should coordinate with your caterer to provide linens. You may also contact a local rental company directly or provide them yourself.

Do we have to rent a dance floor if we are going to have dancing at our event?

Doolittle Hall has a built in dance floor located in the Assembly area on the south side of the room. If you would like an additional or alternate dance floor, that will need to be organized and paid for additionally by the booking party.

Can we or our guests bring in our own alcohol?

No. All alcoholic beverage needs must be arranged prior to the event with the Falcon Club as they own our liquor license. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a fine of $1,000.